what to expect

web design process

Once we receive your signed contract and 50% deposit, I’ll reach out with the next steps.

Kick-Off Meeting

At this meeting, we will discuss the project details. 

  • Introduce team members – all decision-makers should be present
  • Walkthrough your project hub – this is where you can find all links and information regarding your project
  • Questions – ask us anything! 



Access to Project Hub

  • Contract + Invoices
  • Team Member Contact Info
  • Production Schedule
  • Content Submission
  • Project Journal
  • FAQs


Your sitemap plan will include:

  • List of all website pages
  • Main navigation and dropdowns
  • Hierarchy of all content
  • Footer menus
  • URL structure (permalinks)




At the same time, we will create a wireframe of your site to map out the main features. This will give you an idea of the functionality before considering the visual design elements. 

The wireframe is presented in black and white with non-clickable elements.




While we are crafting the plans for your site, you will be gathering all the content. Our form allows you to submit your content in an easy and organized format. 

APPROVE: sitemap, wireframe

SEND: all website content (copy, images, logos, fonts, colors, design elements, blogs, FAQs, etc.)

domain + hosting

If you do not already have a domain, you will purchase it at this stage. You will also need to enroll in a hosting plan.

SEND: hosting login credentials or us with provide access



staging site

Once your hosting plan is setup, we will create a staging site. This allows us to build your new site without it affecting your current site or being seen to the public. 



We will use your current branding (logo, colors, fonts) as a starting point to present you with 3 unique design concepts. 

Your feedback is SUPER important at this stage! At this stage, everything is editable. Once the design strategy is finalized, we will begin building out your pages. 

APPROVE: Design Plan

home page

I will create a fully functional your Header, Footer and Home Page.  then meet to present

APPROVE: Header, Footer, Home Page



additional pages

After the Home Page is approved, will will build out the other pages and templates based on the sitemap.

APPROVE: All pages and templates



Responsive Adjustments

Once the desktop versions are approved, we will review the mobile and tablet views and make adjustments to ensure the website is pixel perfect on every device.



Once the website’s main content has been created, we will install our standard plugins. 

  • Google SiteKit (analytics)
  • Yoast SEO
  • Securi
  • Google reCaptcha (anti-spam)



Then, we install any plugins that are specific to your business, such as:

  • Email marketing platform
  • CRM
  • eCommerce platform
  • Any pop-ups, lead magnet integrations, etc.


We’ll meet to walkthrough the entire website, ask any remaining questions, and make a final punch list of outstanding items. 

Go live!

We’ll push the staging site over to the live view and test everything once again. 

We’ll submit your site to Google Search console