Livestream Production Guide


Be sure to review our “Video Production Guide” for tips on creating a great video. Everything there still applies to a live-streamed event. 


We will provide you with a private Facebook Group to test your live-stream setup before your actual event. This is a closed and private group with just us, so feel free to post as much as you want. Play with settings and familiarize yourself with the controls during the broadcast. Listen back to your video to see how your video is looking and make sure the audio is clear and does not echo.


We LOVE technology and how easy it makes everything these days. Running through a checklist beforehand helps to ensure you are doing everything you can to prevent mishaps. 

  • Start fresh. Restart your computer or phone before running a live-stream to ensure you don’t have any processes running in the background that will take up bandwidth. In a pinch, at least restart the app/browser. 
  • Stabilize your scene. Use a sturdy tripod to hold your camera (or phone) to ensure the video is stable. If outside and it is windy, use weights to prevent the tripod from blowing over. 
  • Plug it in, plug it in. Be sure your camera has a full charge or is plugged into the charger so it does not die during your broadcast. 
  • Don’t disconnect! Connect to a solid WiFi connection. If using a public WiFi, and many other people are using it at the same time, it is more likely to become overloaded and may disconnect. Consider a hotspot if the connection is weak. 
  • Audio is everything. Use a wired headset or earbuds with a microphone if you can be close to the camera. A set of wireless (Bluetooth) earbuds will work if you need to be farther away for a demonstration.


Make sure you tell any guests that they will be on live video, and provide them with prompts ahead of time (24-48 hours) for any interviews/discussions/Q&As, so they have time to think through them and prepare. 


Appointing someone to manage comments as they come in can make your life easier so you are not trying to present your content and read/respond to comments. 


Be aware that due to the nature of a live-streamed broadcast, sometimes things fail – and there’s just nothing you can do about it. Don’t stress it… just keep going and do the best you can to move past it.